Dr. Tamara Kamaluldeen

Education and Memberships: Dr. Tamara received her Bachelor in Oral and Dental Surgery in 2000, and received her Ontario Board license from The Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario in 2017. She is a current member with the RCDSO and the Ontario Dental Association with good standing. 

Treatment Focus: Dr. Tamara is an Invisalign provider, is trained in moderate conscious sedation, Botox ad Filler injection therapy and cosmetic veneers. She is experienced in all restorative procedures and is always ready to treat any dental emergency. Dr. Tamara loves explaining dental conditions to her patients and how to treat them.

Style and Chairside Manner: Dr. Tamara is a kind and gentle person by nature, she strives to ensure her patients feel no pain or discomfort during treatment. Her patients vouch for her caring and relaxed chair-side manner. She strives that her patients always leave with a smile.

Dental Philosophy: Dr. Tamara is a lifelong learner; she attends continuous education courses on quarterly basis to update her knowledge and enhance her skills. She is a highly skilled, result-driven conservative dentist who will endeavour to find solutions for all problems.

Personal Life: Dr. Tamara is a mother of three boys and a girl, in addition to a fluffy cat. In her free time, Tamara reads all the books she can put her hands on, attends courses and enjoys spending time with her family.


Dr. Mays Al-Saffar

Education: Dr. Mays Al-Saffar received her Bachelor in Oral and Dental Surgery in 2000 and received her Ontario Board license from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario in 2016. In addition to her dental degree, Dr. Mays received multiple diplomas and certificates in Human Resource Management, Business Administration, Leadership, Screenwriting and Film Production. 

Memberships: She is a member of the RCDSO and the Ontario Dental Association with good standing. Dr. Mays is also an alumna of the Harvard Kennedy School of Government where she completed the Crisis Leadership Executive Education Program in 2013.

Treatment Focus: Dr. Mays is trained in cosmetic dentistry, moderate conscious sedation, therapeutic Botox and Filler injection therapy and Clear Aligner treatments. She is, however, ready to treat any dental condition. 

Style and Chairside Manner: As a dentist, Dr. Mays prides herself with her gentle chair-side manner and eye for aesthetics. Although she enjoys working with all ages, she loves working with adults who suffer dental phobia. With her kind and gentle personality, she always strives to provide quality dental care in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. As a person, Dr. Mays is fun, likes to listen to music while working and be prepared to hear her funny (or not so funny) dental jokes or her positive quote of the day. 

Dental Philosophy: Dr. Mays continuously improves her skills through attending continuous dental and medical education. She loves keeping up with the advancements of dental technologies and dental materials that produce optimum results. She considers herself a tech-savvy, modern and conservative dentist.

Experience in Ontario: Dr. Mays had previously worked in multiple Ontario locations such as Port Hope, Guelph, Waterdown and Hamilton. She currently works in Toronto, Mississauga, Burlington and St. Catherines.

Personal Life: Dr. Mays is a proud mother of four girls; three human and one puppy. She loves travelling, photography, painting and all visual arts. She has a passion for writing and producing science fiction films. Watch out for her upcoming film project in 2020.

Check out her LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maysalsaffar/