We love to provide our patients with straight teeth, harmonious bites, better function and gorgeous smile.

When your teeth are properly aligned, you’ll enjoy many health benefits.

· Overall gum health improvement: Brushing and flossing becomes easier and you are less likely to develop bacteria-retaining pockets. This reduces the risk of plaque retention, tooth decay and gum disease when you make a commitment to properly align your teeth.

· Reduction of dental wear, attrition and trauma: A harmonious bite will reduce the risk of tooth fracture, chipping, breaking, and wear. Proper alignment also reduces stress on the jawbone and joints.

· Less strain on your joints: A harmonious bite reduces stress on your jawbone and temporomandibular joint. It also improves symptoms of pain and muscle strain.

· Improved Esthetics: When your teeth are well aligned, your will smile more and smile bigger smiles, improving your overall self-esteem.


The type and duration of treatment varies according to each patient’s condition, age, personality and desired outcome. Our dentist will examine and assess your teeth and discuss a personalized treatment plan that’s best for you. Options include “traditional” braces (brackets, bands, wires, elastics, etc) and “Clear Aligner” orthodontics. 




Traditional dental braces for children and younger teens are done in-house by our visiting orthodontist. This treatment entails visits every 8 weeks, close monitoring of gum conditions and frequent cleanings to ensure a smooth and healthy treatment.



(Invisalign and ClearCorrect)


A series of plastic aligners fabricated by precise laser-cutting machines that provide an excellent fit for your during treatment. This treatment ensures correcting your teeth at a faster rate whilst being comfortable and invisible. This is ideal for adults and patients who completed their jaw growth.

Either option provides amazing results that will allow you to eat, chew and brush better. During your consultation you can discuss which option is best suited for you.



Six Month Smiles is a clear braces system designed to straighten your teeth in about 6 months - right in our office! We use clear braces and tooth-colored wires to discreetly move your teeth into alignment so you can smile confidently!  Six Month Smiles is also generally less expensive than traditional braces or clear aligners due to shorter treatment times and more focused results.   Have an event coming up that you'd love to have a beaming smile of straight pearly whites for? Six Month Smiles is THE solution to get you smiling in about 6 months.  You tell us what your main concern is with your smile (crowded teeth, spaced teeth, etc) - and that's what we'll work to achieve! Simple, Straightforward and Discreet.  We believe everyone should smile with confidence, and Six Month Smiles is a great way to get you grinning fast! Questions? Give us a call or stop in! We'd love to go over any details you'd like to know - as well as get you in to speak to the doctor for a free consultation.  We'll be able to tell you if you're a candidate for Six Month Smiles, go over before and after photos of cases we've achieved in the past, and we can even get you started that day if you choose!