Our kids program makes your children’s dental experience extra special. We aim at making your kids feel accomplished, proud and comfortable. We perform dental treatment while your child is watching their favorite show and having fun!

We recommend that you bring your child in as early as 6 months after the eruption of the first tooth or after their first birthday. Following that, bring your child in every 6-12 months to monitor your child’s oral hygiene, diet and craniofacial growth. 

It is important to building a rapport with the dentist before any invasive dental work becomes necessary. This will ensure that a foundation of trust and comfort is built between your child and their dentist.

What to expect at your child’s first dental visit: 

1- A fun ride in the dental chair.

2- Funny magic tricks with Mr slurpy, the tooth shower, the baby mirror and a silly balloon made of gloves.

3- Fun learning activities about their teeth, toothbrushing, etc.

4- Counting of teeth together.

5- Receiving a certificate of achievement.

6- Visiting our treasure chest.

Follow up dental and hygiene appointments

We will schedule our child for regular cleaning appointments and if any decay is identified, we will fix it. 

Routine x-rays will start at age 6 and a panoramic x-ray is also taken to identify any congenitally missing teeth or other developmental issues. 

Additionally, upon eruption of the first permanent molars, fissure sealants are applied to prevent cavities. 

Kids Dentistry at North Star is one of our favorite services. We love to see your kids smile and enjoy pain free teeth.