At North Star Dentistry, whether you are a new or existing patient, your dental health is our main priority! All new patients will typically receive a comprehensive dental exam. Current patients are encouraged to get a full exam every 24-36 months. These procedures are considered ‘basic’ and standard care around the world, and are typically covered by all insurance plans, annually.

A full exam provides a complete assessment of your oral health, which includes:

1. Medical history review and update. 

2. Extra-oral exam of your head and neck region, checking your lymph nodes, your joint, your lips, muscle of mastication and peri-oral skin.

3. Thorough intra-oral exam of your gums, teeth, tongue, mucous membrane and intra-oral vital structures. 

4. Periodontal charting, measuring your gingival pockets around all your teeth.

5. Orthodontic assessment.

6. Assessment of parafunctions and habits.

7. Digital radiography and intraoral camera snapshots.

8. Discussion of treatment recommendations and personalized options.

X-rays are generally recommended to provide a more accurate diagnosis, tangible evidence to your insurance provider if required. We also perform a full mouth intra-oral photography to provide you with a visual of what you can’t see. Our x-rays are all digital, which emit significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays. These images allow us to see what is going on under the surface of the tooth. A lot of dental related issues are not visible with the naked eye. 

We do these exams to allow us a better understanding of what your overall oral health requires. You are a big part of the planning process and we want to ensure you are receiving the quality care you deserve, need and want. 

We make sure to provide you a cost estimate before getting started with any major dental procedure. We let you know how much a treatment will approximately cost you so you are able to set your expectations. 

Intra-oral Camera and Digital Imaging 

Many younger patients are familiar with newer technologies in the dentistry world. We use computer and TV screens as a primary method of information processing. This generally makes our patients more comfortable as this high-tech practice is designed to provide you with a visual of what you can't see in the regular mirror so you feel informed and aware of your diagnosis. 

An intra-oral camera is a very small camera that allow our doctors to view and take high quality clear images of your mouth, teeth, and gums. These images will be saved on your file as we create a permanent record of your treatments. These images can be sent to other dental offices, specialists, or insurance companies upon your request.

Digital Photography

Digital photography for patients seeking orthodontic or cosmetic dentistry is included in the treatment cost. It is usually composed of 3-4 extra-oral views that helps determine your facial profile, symmetry, orientation of eyes and to plan the best smile for your face.  A set of 6-8 intra-oral photos using mirrors and cheek retractors will provide an accurate picture of your current alignment, will provide an excellent visual of your treatment needs and help design a beautiful and functional smile.These photographs are part of your medical records. Sometimes, if they have time, our trained dentist will snap you a nice portrait for your personal use free of charge!

Insurance Payment Set-up

We accept all dental insurance companies and we collect directly from your dental insurance. After explaining your treatment plan we will coordinate with your insurance provider. We can verify, with your consent, the coverage of your insurance plan. When everything is set, we can proceed to collect from your insurance company.

Payment Plans

For patients with no dental benefits or with limited insurance coverage, we offer flexible payment plans for major work based on approval and we also offer dental financing though third party providers. 

For your convenience, we also welcome payments via American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Interac and Cash. 




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